Andrew Jackson Democrat
Candidate for US Senate,

Their are 34 candidates on the Ballot for US Senator

My name is near the bottom of the list,

Fifth, counting up from the bottom name.

Supplementary Comments; Excessive Secrets

Too Many Secrets:  Secrets held too long:   The assassination of John F Kennedy took place in 1963 and files are scheduled to be unsealed in 2017.

For Bush in his 8 years there are over 120 million classified documents. The Obama administration has declared over 54 million document classified in 2009, I did not look for more, I think the evidence is clear: THERE ARE TOO MANY SECRETS, with warehouses of documents.

Seems to me that it is too late for any punitive actions regarding the Kennedy Assassination. But, what if there were illegal actions during the last 30 years, including the 9/11 attack; seems as though it is not too late for action on the part of "We the People." We must find a way to significantly reduce the number of classified documents and to automatically declassify them on a timely basis. Transparency is desired in a balance with necessary secrecy.

Within a year after the president is retired that most - if not all the classified documents should become declassified. Congress, with a super majority, has power to change the classification action plan.


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