Our Great Start

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Christians are a supermajority in  “The Great United States;” and we Christians, I believe, are the pillar of this nation.

Historical examination tends to substantiate our Christian heritage:  Alice Baldwin, PhD in 1926, completed her doctoral thesis on the topic of “The New England clergy and the American Revolution.”

The Churches and the Clergy WERE ENGAGED in the political spectrum as part of their duty to the people. In the course of the book Ms Baldwin mentions “Election Messages,” one of those election sermons is here linked:

Samuel West, [Natural Law: The True Principles of Government] (1776)

The day after that message:   IN COUNCIL, May 30, 1776.    On motion, Ordered, That  thanks for his Sermon delivered yesterday before both Houses of Assembly; and to request a copy thereof for the press.                                        PEREZ MORTON, D. Secretary.

With the help of the Church and the Clergy, We Became the United States in 1789.

Before and after our beginning as a new nation our people created expressions to convey that ours was a Nation brought about by the providence of God: Sayings such as

  • In 1630,       “For we must consider that we shall be as a City upon a Hill,”
  • In 1789,       “A beacon of liberty and democracy to the world,”
  • In 1832,       “Destined to lead the way in the moral and political emancipation of the world.” And
  • In 1845, “Manifest Destiny.”

These sayings give us the feeling that the people of the USA were more than happy with their new land, their Churches and their Clergy and their new form of government.

Good History

The FIRST Democrat US President Andrew Jackson’s administration produced 7 balanced budgets in his 8 year presidency; under his administration the federal debt was paid down to zero in 1835 and He got rid of the national bank. Democrat President Grover Cleveland, in 1887, vetoed a farm bill. The veto message; there is no provision in the constitution to give subsidies.

These Democrats made on fatal mistake; they apparently did not realize that the banks were creating new (spread sheet) money in the process of making loans. They should have gotten a bill from Congress that declared the spreadsheet money counterfeit, thus they could have ended inflation then. Inflation brought about bank runs; many people lost all they had because of inflation and bank runs. FDIC was a bandage, not a solution.

Cleveland, after the farm bill veto said, “Federal aid in such cases encourages the expectation of paternal care on the part of the Government and weakens the sturdiness of our national character. . . . ”

Since about 1900 and the idea of “progressiveness” where government does for the people what people should do for themselves; Cleveland’s prediction of weakening the sturdiness of nation character has shown to be true. We are now showing great signs of weakness.

Democrat President Franklin Pierce, in 1853 vetoed a welfare bill; his veto message: the federal government should stay out of welfare.


Attitudes have changed; we seem to be in a spiral downward to the eventual our failure as a nation; I believe that this downward spiral started at about the time of the Spanish American war in 1898.
It is, I believe, not to late to restore our country.

Some of the problems we face that must be fixed or the future will continue to spiral down. Here are a few:

  • Inflation from our beginning in 1791,
  • $18.8 trillion (and growing) national debt,
  • Unfunded Liabilities to Exceed $127 Trillion,
  • No budget surplus since 1957 (59 years ago),
  • 106 million persons on welfare, and
  • Excessive taxation and accompanying excessive cost of living.

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