Ballot Statement: Herbert G Peters

Herbert G Peters

Andrew Jackson Democrat



Our first 70 years; our county grew and flourished

We had no income tax

Motto: Manifest Destiny

“Manifest Destiny,” partly expressed that our people, working with Christian ethics gained exceptionalism; that concept is traced to Alexis de Tocqueville, the first writer to describe the country as “exceptional” in 1831 and 1840.

In the mid early years, Democrat Presidents; were most wise; they cared about the national debt.

Democrat President – Andrew Jackson’s administration balanced it’s budge the first seven years of his presidency.

Jackson also successfully fought to rid the Country of the “Too Powerful over our Economy” National Bank.

Goals: The Federal Reserve Act as amended in 1977 directs the Federal Reserve to pursue monetary policy to achieve the goals of “maximum employment, stable prices and moderate long-term interest rates.”

Is the Federal Reserve System delivering on the goals? This article implies NO; it lists 10 recessions since 1950. Like Jackson, it appears that the Federal Reserve System should also be repealed.

Democrat President – Franklin Pierce, in 1853, vetoed a federal welfare bill.

President Pierce in his extensive veto message, vetoes the bill because the Bill exceeded the powers granted in the Constitution.

In 1935 a new President ignored the warning of President Pierce and signed into Law a Welfare Bill:    NOW 108 million of we the people are on some form of welfare..

Also; 86 million full-time private-sector workers sustain 148 million benefit takers.

Democrat President – Grover Cleveland, in one of his 584 vetoes, vetoed a farm subsidy bill. His message; I can find no warrant for such an appropriation in the Constitution.

The wise Democrat Presidents significantly  complied with the constitution.

Since 1898 and since gaining greater and greater military power and hugely advantageous conveniences; we seem to have started to abandon our Christian character.  We seem to  have elevated our national government to the realm of being our god and our provider; at the same time we seem to be lowering the influence of our Creator God over our individual activities.  Regardless of how we got here to 2016 we are now nearing the point of failure because of our overwhelming dependence upon our government.


To continue; we must have both strength and character and we must reverse the negative actions of our last 118 years. The more of our people that restore their worship of our Creator God; I believe, the faster we can restore our nation and our economy.

To reverse downward spiral of last 118 years we must: balance our budget, resist war, reduce costs,  reduce taxes, repeal welfare and minimum wage so all can find jobs.

Churches and  Charities help needful.

Reduce oppression: replace income tax with sales tax.

Goal: Better life for all.

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